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    • Name Unit Base
      Product An equipment for processing unit boring for automobile production
      Materials SS400, servo motor, bearing, etc.
      Processing equipment Assembly and test after MCT processing
  • 4
    • Name Flange / Block
      Product A vacuum chamber inserted to a product of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
      Materials SUS316
      Processing equipment KV45 / VX650
  • 3
    • Name Flange
      Product An air supplier and cooling device
      Materials AL6061 T6
      Processing equipment 5-axle processing machine
  • 2
    • Name Jig Body
      Product A machining jig for automobile parts
      Materials FC30
      Processing equipment KH50G
  • 1
    • Name Reactor Building F/M / Shielding Door
      Product A switch used in nuclear power plants
      Materials Forging
      Processing equipment HB-130